NFThings πŸ’‘- building for those who ❀️ NFTs

We are
πŸ›  building tools for the NFT ecosystem
❀️ creating a community for NFT lovers
🎨 deploying drops to enhance them

πŸ’‘NFThings Build Week πŸ’‘

- 7 new products in 7 days related to NFTs... building for us is playtime πŸͺ€ so this should be fun.
- We are trad software devs lured by the shininess of Web3 and so our theme for this week will be Web2β†’Web3.

πŸ‘‘ Day 1 - NFThrone - Hot or Not for NFTs

πŸ“œ Day 2 - NFTerms - Urban Dictionary for NFTs

πŸ„ Day 3 - NFTab - Digital Frame for NFTs

πŸ₯§ Day 4 - NFTotal - See your NFT Net Worth

🧡 Day 5 - NFThreads - Most Important NFT Twitter Threads

πŸ’Έ Day 6 - NFTax - Calculate Tax on your NFTs

🎩Day 7 - NFTop - Show off NFTS in Social Media Banners

Our 1st drop: NFThemes

A drop of 4,999 uniquely generated art pieces. Each NFTheme interacts with multiple of our build week projects (stay tuned πŸ“») giving them real-world utility, outside of being just an JPEG.(not that there's anything wrong with that ... πŸ˜‰).